Natalie’s Five Top Tips for Inviting Autumn into Your Home

Hello Autumn! 

The weather has certainly turned this past week and the temperature has dropped considerably. It’s time to pull out your long winter coat and leather boots if you’re heading out for a stroll in the crisp autumn air. 

Here at Lakes Living, we LOVE autumn… There are so many amazing pieces for decorating your home in line with the season. Whether you use this time to add beautiful burgundy and forest green accent colours into your home or you enjoy more subtle seasonal decor, there is always something for everyone. There are five elements that I consider when changing over to my autumn decor, so read on for my top tips for autumn styling.

Starting with the obvious, candles. I just can’t buy enough when it comes to this time of the year. When you’ve just come home from a long day at work, the weather’s a bit miserable and you’re ready to unwind, candles create a softer and more relaxing environment. Especially when filling the room with your favourite scent. When paired with a stunning candle holder like our Birch Candle Holder or our Wooden Hurricane Lantern, you can make a candle a statement item of decor. I’ve chosen these two candle holders in particular, as they are both wooden which brings a bit of texture and nature into the home. I think they fit perfectly with this time of year as the leaves are starting to fall from the trees…

TIP: “Candles create a softer and more relaxing environment.”

Alongside the wooden theme, I’ve added this gorgeous Round Wooden Tray to our coffee table in the living room to add some autumnal warmth. Although trays can act as functional pieces to organise those items that normally get scattered around the house, I decided to make it decorative. I styled it with a small candle, some faux flowers and decorative vases. It’s important when decorating my home that the decor flows and the pieces work well with one another, so I would advise finding a theme you’re happy with and sticking with it throughout the season.

TIP: “Incorporating wooden decor is in keeping with the season and adds texture and warmth to a room.” 

Faux flowers are a great addition to any room no matter the season. They bring life to the room without the constant need to prune dying flowers. Faux flowers can beautifully accompany a candle as a centrepiece of a table (coffee, console or dining… take your pick), or stand alone, bellowing out of a gorgeous vase like our Smoked Grey Vase

Our coffee, beige and autumnal hydrangeas have been really popular these past few weeks, we’re hoping to have more in stock soon! They’re easily styled to suit any height of vase with their malleable stems. We’ve also just restocked our gorgeous Lamb’s Leaf Sprays which offer soft, fluffy foliage and thick, felt-like stems. The Lamb’s Leaf is a great way of incorporating an element of faux flowers, while maintaining a bright and airy feel to the room. Styled below in our White Leaf Jug, they complement one another’s textures and shapes. 

TIP: “Faux flowers are easily styled to the season and bring life to a room without the constant need to prune dying flowers.” 

By the time October rolls round, we’ve wished goodbye to the last of the September sunshine and the nights are getting darker. Introducing… ambience. Something your Mum is always searching for within her home, but Dad insists on ‘putting the big light on’ so he can see, at least that’s always how it is at my parent’s. Using lamps as a means of lighting a room in an evening can offer a more cosy feel and help to unwind. Our Ramas Lamp offers a unique design and can fill a room with character. 

PS. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog – focussing on Hygge in the home, a Danish cultural term for cosiness and contentment with one’s surroundings. Candles and lighting play a huge role in achieving this! 

TIP: “Create some ambience with mood lighting that helps you to unwind.” 

Finally, perhaps one of the easiest styling tips I can give for autumn would be to switch out your soft furnishings. Whether that means cushions or a new throw, it’s crazy how much of an impact this can have on the feel of a room. Remember I spoke earlier about coming home from a long day at work? You light your candle, create some ambience through mood lighting and then snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of wine (or a hot chocolate if you’re expecting like me)! Our Benzir Teal Cushions are gorgeous for this time of year and add a subtle amount of colour to a room. 

TIP: “A quick and easy change can be made by swapping out your soft furnishings.” 

However you change up your home this season, make sure to create a space that makes you truly happy… somewhere that you can snuggle into at the end of a day and feel content. If you’d like any styling advice on particular items or rooms, please send me a message and I’d be happy to help. You can message our Facebook or Instagram, email me at or pop in store! Hope to see you all soon.

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