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All You Need To Know About Hygge

Hygge is defined as “an atmosphere of warmth, wellbeing and cosiness, when you feel at peace and are able to enjoy simple pleasures and being in the moment”. Hygge is a defining characteristic of the Danish culture. There have been many books written on Hygge and it fills a vast amount of space on many Pinterest boards. It’s hard to really nail down what Hygge is, it’s not necessarily a feeling or an action or an event, but I’ll give it my best shot…

You know that cosy, content feeling you get on a Sunday when you’re having a slow morning, you’ve made yourself a gorgeous brunch and have retreated to the sofa for a lazy Sunday film and a cup of coffee while it pours outside? You have no plans and don’t intend to create any. The rest of the day is work-free and commitment-free, just yours to do with it as you please. 

The rain clouds mean it’s dim and dreary outside, so you light your fire and turn on your lamps. You burn a scented candle and snuggle down with a warm blanket. Your film begins. Right there, you are content, cosy and worry-free. It’s a true ‘self-care Sunday’, as they say. That’s Hygge.

Hygge habits can come in many forms. Whether they are in the home as above, with the use of the chunky knit blanket, the candles, the fireplace and the warm textures, or they are displayed in other ways. One of the main elements of Hygge is being able to share that feeling in the company of loved ones, which can often revolve around meal times.

Warming flavours such as tea and coffee, hot apple cider, mulled wine and spices can often contribute to the enactment of Hygge. A steaming bowl of hearty homemade soup, with warm crusty bread or baked goods as comfort foods are also high on the list of Hygge habits. 

The act of company is greatly appreciated in Danish culture and Hygge. Hygge is also said to involve the act of appreciating one’s company and valuing your loved ones and the time spent with them. The Danish see great value in spending time together with those that raise your vibration. These casual gatherings can often involve limiting the use of technology and resorting to board or card games, although in an ever-increasingly technological world this can also translate to snuggling down for a Netflix marathon.

Equally as important as company, is time alone to decompress and realign with your own thoughts. There is a focus on your mindset when it comes to Hygge. Those experiencing the quality of Hygge often practice gratitude as a way of focusing the mindset, this can also include meditation too. Those who practice gratitude can often find it easier to savor a moment and truly appreciate the little things in life and those who you experience them with. It’s also important to listen to those around you as much as you engage verbally in the conversation too. 

Finally, there are many hobbies that are practiced as a means of experiencing the feeling of Hygge. Solitary hobbies such as knitting, drawing, journalling and reading can often provide that feeling of contentment especially when paired with a cosy, comfortable surrounding. Equally, hobbies shared such as walking or outdoor activities can also instigate the quality of Hygge, especially when the joy of coming back inside to the warmth is really savoured. It’s like that feeling of playing out in the snow as a child and coming back indoors, being made to take all wet clothing and boots off at the door, before your mum warms you up with a mug of hot chocolate for your rosy cheeks and little red nose. 

Here’s our top five Hygge essentials from Lakes Living: 

  1. Estriada Lamp – Make your space cosy by using mood lighting rather than harsh, bright lights. 
  2. Wine Luz Candles – You can’t light enough candles especially those in rich, deep colours like our Wine Luz Candles. 
  3. Cappuccino Cup – For all those warming flavoured drinks, perfect for sipping by the fire. 
  4. Natural Wood Tray – This gorgeous tray incorporates warm textures in a room and would be perfect for serving hot chocolates with marshmallows or a bowl of homemade soup with a warm, crusty roll. Yum! 
  5. Marco Photo Frame – The perfect way to display those perfect moments and have a reminder of them always near. 

Let us know if you have heard of Hygge before and if you practice Hygge in your home and life! 


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